Entertainment Systemfor pubs, bars and entertainment sectors

We provide reliable, exciting and profitable touchscreen entertainment system and services for our customers across the pubs, bars, hospitality, holiday parks and entertainment sectors.

With games and Music to set your venue apart from the rest.

We’re backed by an experienced Research and Development team of product development engineers, who ensure our products remain innovative business propositions for our customers, meeting constantly changing market requirements as technology, social habits and tastes evolve.

Entertainment System for pubs, entertainment, hospitality and holiday sectors

The Entertainer™lite has changed the touchscreen entertainment system market, it is an interactive, powerful and effective business tool that provides the pubs, hospitality, leisure and holiday sectors with an endless flow of fun, events, and great entertainment for their customers. At a fantastic low price making it the go to product.

Touchscreen Entertainment System for pubs, entertainment, hospitality and holiday sectors

No question about it… this is the quiz future for pubs, campuses and venues quiz entertainment games

quiz app for pubs, pronto apple ios, bars, campuses and venuesquiz app for pubs, pronto android, bars, campuses and venues

digital music entertainment jukebox

Exciting New games pack for Djs that just want the games ring our sales team

Scan & View Latest Karaoke Catalogue

Popularity of TV talent shows has to an increase for Karaoke nights in pubs. The Entertainer™Lite has thousands of Karaoke tracks at the touch of a button. From classic to current hits, it’s simple to use and tracks can be found instantly.

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Our Clients

The Chantry

Chris Wood

Chichester 2020 – Stonegate

“Since we got The Entertainer Lite system our business and footfall has significantly increased, also customers are staying with us for longer. Its main functionality for us is entertainment however, the advertising facility is second to none which we use 24/7. The system is also constantly evolving with new developments being added monthly, making our Lite system futureproof. It’s an easy recommendation from me (100%).”

Dougies Tavern

Norman Scott

Dougies Tavern – Newcastle

“I had The Entertainer Lite system installed into my pub (Mar 2019) and I am amazed by this product and the results. The games, karaoke and adverting features are just excellent. All of this entertainment for less than the cost of my mobile phone.”

The Cleveland Huntsman

John and Diane Green

The Cleveland Huntsman – Middlesbrough

“Getting the Mediatheme™ system installed in our pub has been the best thing that’s ever happened to our business. No more paying out vast amounts every week for disco and karaoke, as the machine does it all for you. Before you know it, the system has paid for itself. One of the best features as far as the disco is concerned is being able to cater for the individual’s taste.”

“If someone wants a 50th birthday party, with specific tunes then you just programme them in and then let the machine do the work, and the same goes for an 18th, or Christening, or whatever the occasion maybe. Then there is the karaoke which has all the up to date songs, to keep everyone happy.”

“All in all we would not be without the system, it’s got everything you could possibly need to keep your customers entertained and coming back for more.”

Working Mens Club Entertainment System

Graham Metcalf

Secretary at Baildon Wood WMC

“The Entertainer™ has made a great difference to us – the entertainment is just there, ready to use. The Entertainer™ is at the centre of everything we run. We’re the busiest club in Bradford.”

“We use karaoke and bingo all the time. Bingo is great on a Saturday – all the tables are full and everyone joins in. The picture shows on all our plasmas, so everyone can see the numbers. Skint or Mint also go down brilliantly, and we use Horse and Dog racing all the time. We’re fully booked for weddings and parties, so will always have our Entertainer™ on, ready to do karaoke or racing or whatever they want.”

Sports & Social Club Entertainment Systems

Graeme McLennan

Sunnybank Football Club, Aberdeen

“It’s all about getting bums on seats. We wanted to draw more people in, and keep them in for longer. That’s why we went for The Entertainer™. We didn’t want a machine just for bingo, we wanted something with lots of features, and we always intended to use it to its full potential. We hoped to make enough money to cover the cost of it, and reduce the costs of our external suppliers. We used to spend £90 each week just on a two hour disco.”

“In the year and a half we’ve had The Entertainer™, it’s made quite a difference to the income of the club. In the last financial year, we’ve made over £30,000 more than we usually would, and that’s after taking off the cost of the system.”

“We use the system all the time. We do Bingo four times a week, regular karaokes and competitions, raffles all the time, and Skint or Mint, our favourite game, about three times a week. We get the occasional big winner, and that really draws the crowds in. Race Nights are also really popular, and we do them monthly as fundraisers. We also use adverts and scrolling text to show off birthdays and competition winners.”

“We use the Advert Manager to display ads from local businesses, and make extra revenue that way, and we can also show our sponsor’s logos etc.”

DJ & Event Presenters Entertainment System

Mark Daniels

Head Event’s Presenter at Proents Events

“We use The Entertainer™ on a professional scale. We’re serious about entertainment, and take it to a completely different league. We have found that The Entertainer™ really works if you use it properly. It’s a great selling point to add to our repertoire. Even on an average night, if we’ve been hired to host a karaoke event, the customers never just get karaoke. They get game shows or quizzes, and the system is so simple to use, we can load different features up instantly.”

“Because we’re always moving to different locations, and entertaining different sorts of people every day, it’s vital to have a huge variety of features we can use. It’s also a great way of giving people prizes. At corporate events we find games like Take Your Pick very popular, it’s ideal when companies want to give out rewards and prizes.”

“At exhibitions and media events, we’ve always got something different on offer. I know the system so well now that I can operate it with my eyes closed, which means I can be really involved with the audience, and give them exactly what they want.”

Cruise Ship Entertainment Systems


Olsen Cruise Lines

“The Entertainer™ is the equipment of choice for Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines. Their first system was fitted back in 2002, and Fred. Olsen has since had The Entertainer™ installed in every one of its luxury cruise liners for quality, instantaneous, music and entertainment.”

The Manor Hotel

Harry Tucker

The Manor Hotel – Exmouth

“We have just had The Entertainer system installed (Dec 2019) and it is performing way beyond our expectations. We were a little bit hesitant at first but we are now delighted with every aspect of the system. We also have a large function room where the Lite system now provides all the entertainment for weddings, Xmas party’s and all other functions.”

The Queens Hotel

Ernie and Zoey Stewart

The Queens Hotel – Macclesfield

“We had The Entertainer Lite system since May 2019 and we think this system is brilliant and very easy to operate. We installed the Lite system ourselves which we found easy to do. We are delighted with its games, karaoke and video advertising feature. We wish we had switched to this system years ago!”

Hotels, Holiday Parks and Caravan Sites

David Alkan

Pontins Technical Manager

“We have been using the Entertainer systems as the primary media source in our venues for 16 years now. Initially attracted by the frequently updated library of licenced & vetted music, games, and karaoke, combined with an easy-to-use touch screen interface, these systems quickly became central to many of our daily activities.”

“Today the Entertainer systems also provide the backbone to our licenced bingo & gaming operations and Our Bluecoat teams are using this technology every day of the week delivering our famed entertainment product.”

Hotels, Holiday Parks and Caravan Sites

Norman Davies

The Blenheim Mount Hotel

“As a result of buying one of the early Mediatheme entertainment systems from you. I found it to be a robust and compact system which was easily updated and various additions added on a monthly basis, I had it Installed 26/6/2006 and I’m still using the system in 2018 ! the features we use on a daily basis are karaoke/quizzes/raffles/bingo and advertisement.”

“The after sales service is very well carried out, speedily and efficiently and available until late at night , I find the Entertainer to be great value for money.”

Ord House Country Park

Steve Dixon

Ord House Country Park, Berwick.

Nestled in the beautiful grounds of a striking 17th century Berwick manor house, Ord House Country Park is an award-winning holiday centre with over 400 caravans on site. Owner Steve Dixon is kept busy providing entertainment for the many thousands of tourists he accommodates each year, as well as managing a steady calendar of events for local customers. Steve uses his Entertainer™, to provide most of the entertainment in his venue.

Ord Park is ideally located near to Northumberland’s striking coastline, and the stunning setting, coupled with Steve’s state of the art entertainment systems, provides holiday makers and regulars with an unforgettable experience. Steve’s venue is split into three separate rooms, each containing a feed from the Entertainer Pro™ and high tech audio visual equipment – and each able to create a distinctive atmosphere.

“It’s ideal because I am able to give my customers what they need,” said Steve. “I can set the Entertainer™ to play 50s music for a party of pensioners in one room, while a group of lads is watching sport in another”

Steve has held some excellent charity race nights, games nights and children’s mini-discos over the last year, and stages a popular karaoke disco every Saturday night, but he uses the Entertainer’s™ comprehensive music programs and advertising suite every single day.

“It’s a great piece of kit, and so handy,” he said. “We’ve purpose built a DJ booth for the Entertainer™, with disco lights and all the gear, but you can just set it up for the night and let it run itself.”

The staff have their own favourite play lists, and there are ‘Essential Sunday’ and ‘Disco Night’ compilations ready to go at the touch of a button.

Steve makes the most of the Advert Manager and the new backgrounds he receives on his update discs each month. As well as promoting his own forthcoming events, menus and specials, he is also set to start charging local business for displaying their advertisements, after running free trials. The venture has also proved a financially sound decision for Steve, who reckons the system (please read the quote below)..

“more than pays for itself”. “I used to spend around £200 a week on DJs, and £350 just for New Year’s Eve,” he said.” “We had a superb New Year with the Entertainer™ last year though, with a full night of games and then a disco – it was a cracking party!”

The Corporation Club

Paul Rayner

The Corporation Club – Hartlepool

I had a demonstration of The Entertainer Lite system (May19) and it was like someone had switched on a light! This product is very reasonably priced, my manager and I just love this system – Happy Days.

Night Club Entertainment Systems

Nightclubs and music venues

Music for party nights, theme nights and music events

The Entertainer™ system is installed in Nightclubs and music venues around the UK, providing the perfect mix of music for party nights, theme nights, and music events.

Childrens Play Centre Entertainment System

Children’s parties and events

Ideal for karaoke, fun games and discos

The Entertainer™ system has proved the perfect piece of kit for children’s parties and events, as well as for providing background music. Users have found it ideal for karaoke, fun games, and discos, and even for DJ-ing events for older children.

Twice the fun now half the price. Call us now on 01572 771 363 OR CLICK HERE.

The Entertainer™lite – Key Features

Change the way you manage your venue with an easy-to-use, powerful touch screen system. The Entertainer™lite is a powerful, effective touch screen tool that will help grow your business, while delighting customers with an endless flow of fun events and great entertainment. It’s the UK’s No1 entertainment system.

Its’ easy-to-install, easy-to-use interface provides instant access to a huge variety of features, allowing site operators and managers to take total control of entertainment, every day and night of the week.

The Entertainer™Lite is popular in many types of venue: from pubs and clubs to hotels; from holiday parks to universities; and from sports and social clubs to cruise ships. It’s crammed with music, videos, karaoke, bingo, racing, games, adverts, and many more features that encourage your customers to return time after time.

  • Latest charts and music requests

    The Entertainer™lite contains a range of simple-to-use music features and draws from our server at ‘Mediatheme HQ’ enabling you to download music to your system quickly and efficiently.

  • Latest music videos

    You can tailor your background music for times of the day or particular occasions with Smart Play, or cross-fade music and make music + video playlists In DJ Player.

  • New and classic karaoke tracks

    The Entertainer™ holds a massive repertoire of fully orchestrated modern and classic karaoke tracks. It’s simple to use. Tracks can be found easily and there are no discs to change over. Download from our huge catalogue supplied by Sunfly karaoke.

  • New quiz questions

    You can choose pre-set rounds or make up your own. Select a difficulty rating and pick your rounds from nine different categories, with questions and answers displayed on your screens for all to see.