Touch Screen Bar Games

Fun and entertainment is the name of the game

It’s action all the way with The Entertainer™ games features. They’re a great way to give your customers an amazing night’s fun and entertainment.

Horse and dog racing, and the electrifying Spin to Win, offer the opportunity to host amazing charity nights or popular community events.

Our celebrity bingo and superb quizzes, with picture rounds and multiple choice answers, are the perfect way to encourage new and repeat custom into your venue.

There’s also a huge choice of classic fun games on the system, with Hi/Lo Cards, Skint or Mint, and a host of prize-giving games like Lucky Keys and Take Your Pick.

Games features
Entertainer™ games offer a brilliant opportunity to give prizes to your customers. By offering prizes, especially round the focus of an event or sports match, you will encourage a great atmosphere in your venue. There’s no better way to ensure repeat custom than by giving your customers a superb night, and the chance to leave your venue with more than they came with!