Touch Screen Entertainment

The Entertainer™ Tablet

Our touchscreen entertainment system has had a makeover! Mediatheme’s Entertainer™ system is now available on Android and iPad tablets.

The Entertainer™

So, instead of being chained’ to the traditional desktop console the venue host is free to move around thanks to the wonders of wi-fi.

The Entertainer™ Tablet must be used in conjunction with full Entertainer™ system.

Features include:

  • Hosts can walk around to check bingo cards
  • Quiz queries can be sorted on the spot
  • Interact with your customers, exchange banter, etc.
  • Establish a better rapport with karaoke singers
  • Make games more lively

    Features & Evolution of The Entertainer™

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    The Entertainer™ |  Features
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    The Entertainer™

The Entertainer™ | Top Features:
  • Linked Bingo
  • Disco Bingo
  • Tea Dances
  • Advertising
  • Games
  • Karaoke
  • Quizzes
  • Music / DJ Player
  • and much more!

For The Entertainer™ enquiries or purchases: Please speak to our friendly UK Sales Team:

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