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Graeme McLennan is from Sunnybank Football Club in Aberdeen

It’s all about getting bums on seats. We wanted to draw more people in, and keep them in for longer. That’s why we went for The Entertainer™. We didn’t want a machine just for bingo, we wanted something with lots of features, and we always intended to use it to its full potential. We hoped to make enough money to cover the cost of it, and reduce the costs of our external suppliers. We used to spend £90 each week just on a two hour disco.

In the year and a half we’ve had The Entertainer™, it’s made quite a difference to the income of the club. In the last financial year, we’ve made over £30,000 more than we usually would, and that’s after taking off the cost of the system.

We use the system all the time. We do Bingo four times a week, regular karaokes and competitions, raffles all the time, and Skint or Mint, our favourite game, about three times a week. We get the occasional big winner, and that really draws the crowds in. Race Nights are also really popular, and we do them monthly as fundraisers.

We also use adverts and scrolling text to show off birthdays and competition winners.

We use the Advert Manager to display ads from local businesses, and make extra revenue that way, and we can also show our sponsor’s logos etc.

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