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John Griffin runs The Northumbrian Piper pub in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

“We are literally quid’s in with the Mediatheme system. I had the Entertainer system installed in September 2013, and I am delighted to now announce that we achieved a massive £4,000 worth of local advertising revenue in the first two months of trading with the Entertainer system. We achieved this by following the Mediatheme exclusive advertising programme, which we found to be an easy to follow and very effective system!

We are still today constantly receiving enquires about our £1 advertising offer, which people just can’t believe to be true! We have also saved a substantial amount of money by not now having to pay for expensive DJ’s and quiz masters etc. We have also substantially increased our wet sales business by now offering a much wider variety of entertainment, which our regulars love. I have no hesitation in recommending this amazing product to anyone who wants to increase their profit margin!"

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Ben Smith runs S&S Enterprise pub The Kinleith Arms in Edinburgh

Since we had The Entertainer™ installed 6 months ago, we’ve started a regular quiz which our customers love which creates a fantastic atmosphere, and more than covers our costs.

We use the DJ Player most of all, and we make play lists of our customer favourite requested tracks, ready to play when they want.

We recently held a Race Night for Marie Curie Cancer Care, and it was a great success. We raised lots of money for the charity, and of course the pub did really well that night with all the drinks.

Gordon Brown runs the Riccarton Arms in Edinburgh

We’ve only had the system for 4 months, and already we can see how beneficial it’s going to be in helping us make extra revenue. We make money by selling adverts to local businesses, and holding community events generates extra footfall in the pub.

We’ve held Race Nights and Bingo nights in support of local charities, which help out youth and football groups, as well as being beneficial for our profile. We use Smart Play during our food operations through the day for very very good background music, then put on our favourite play lists in the evening. The staff all have their own favourites, and we have Scottish Pre-Football lists ready to go on sports nights.

I can see that within the year, we will really have transformed our pub and increased our footfall and profit.

Christian Farmer is from Ambition Inns pub, The Yew Tree, in Dursely

I have found that the Entertainer™ system is a full one stop shop regarding entertainment in our community pub.

The best thing about the system is how quickly you can create a night when you have an unexpected party in, whether it be using the quiz, karaoke or just letting the customers pick the music, it is so user friendly.

I also like the fact that Mediatheme™ are forever developing the system. The quiz is now perfect, and if you were to buy these sort of quiz nights on the Internet you would expect to pay at least £25 per pack.

Through our involvement with the local football team, we have used the racing nights to raise money for the club, thus meaning that we have sponsored them without actually forking out any money, we just hold fund raising nights 4 times a season and this money sponsors the team for the year, and we take extra money on the bar.

I wouldn't have another community pub without the system, it has put an extra £600 per week on our sales, and that is just aquiet week. If nothing else, the karaoke is worth it alone!

We have uploaded comedy clips off of the Internet and play them whilst the music is on. This ensures that the customers are entertained whilst also being told of our up and coming nights on the adverts!

Our system did breakdown once, after a problem with our electrics. I called Mediatheme™ and they sent me a replacement to the pub the very next day, and then fixed ours and replaced within a week. If only all of our suppliers were as efficient!

Mr and Mrs Byrne run The Royal Oak in Westwood

We have been using The Entertainer™ for 2 years now and have found it to be an invaluable tool during these difficult times. It has undoubtedly increased our custom on what were the quieter nights. We use it on a weekly basis for karaoke, discos, bingo, quiz nights and music. The race nights are also very popular and raise money for charity. We also sell advertising to local businesses which we easily create using the system, which boosts our revenue.

We used to pay around £10k a year in booking outside entertainment, now we save that and offer even more choice to our customers.

Lesley Tuckwood runs GK pub The Wharncliffe in Sheffield

Lesley Tuckwood has had her Entertainer™ system in three pubs now, and wouldn’t be without it.

Lesley was first attracted to the Entertainer in her first tenanted pub, after paying £400 per week for 4 nights of entertainment. “The Entertainer saved us a lot of money, as we could put on all the entertainment ourselves”.

Lesley puts on karaoke every Sunday, and Bingo on Tuesday afternoons. She’s about to start a new Games and Bingo night.

“We also often ask our customers what they’d like us to play, so we just load up their requests and keep them happy. And it’s great on customer’s birthdays, as we can offer them a birthday song”.

“I use Advert Manager a lot, mainly to advertise my own promotions and events coming up. I’m going to start uploading photos of our good nights too, so that our customers can see themselves on the screens! I also use Scrolling Text to send messages out to my customers, to tell them about offers, notices, or announcements.”

John and Diane Green run The Cleveland Huntsman in Middlesbrough

Getting the Mediatheme™ system installed in our pub has been the best thing that's ever happened to our business. No more paying out vast amounts every week for disco and karaoke, as the machine does it all for you. Before you know it, the system has paid for itself. One of the best features as far as the disco is concerned is being able to cater for the individual’s taste. If someone wants a 50th birthday party, with specific tunes then you just programme them in and then let the machine do the work, and the same goes for an 18th, or Christening, or whatever the occasion maybe. Then there is the karaoke which has all the up to date songs, to keep everyone happy.

All in all we would not be without the system, it’s got everything you could possibly need to keep your customers entertained and coming back for more.

Paul Gurney is at The Galleries in Cheddar Gorge

We’re in a lovely tourist location here, and so often use welcoming background music during the daytime for the tourists. We have regular dance nights on a Friday and Saturday, and that’s when we make use of the livelier modern tunes on the system.

It’s great to be able to offer our customers requests for their favourite music. We like to do it for free as it makes for a welcoming atmosphere and pleases our regulars.

We often gets groups and hen nights come in, and it’s great because if they want karaoke we can put it on instantly for them, or we can refuse – it’s under our control.

We love the picture rounds on the picture quiz – it’s so different to what everyone else in the area has got, and it’s very clear for the customers to read the questions and answers. It really easy to set up, and we try to make most of the questions pretty easy to make for a “feel good” atmosphere. We do put some hard ones in there too, but it’s most popular when almost everyone can answer about 75% of the questions.

We love the fact that The Entertainer™ gives us so many different options for different types of customers and different times of the day. We’ve had it for 3 years now and it’s really helped our business.

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