DJ& Event Presenters Entertainment System

Mark Daniels is head Event’s Presenter at Proents Events

We use The Entertainer™ on a professional scale. We’re serious about entertainment, and take it to a completely different league. We have found that The Entertainer™ really works if you use it properly. It’s a great selling point to add to our repertoire. Even on an average night, if we’ve been hired to host a karaoke event, the customers never just get karaoke. They get game shows or quizzes, and the system is so simple to use, we can load different features up instantly.

Because we’re always moving to different locations, and entertaining different sorts of people every day, it’s vital to have a huge variety of features we can use. It’s also a great way of giving people prizes. At corporate events we find games like Take Your Pick very popular, it’s ideal when companies want to give out rewards and prizes.

At exhibitions and media events, we’ve always got something different on offer.

I know the system so well now that I can operate it with my eyes closed, which means I can be really involved with the audience, and give them exactly what they want.
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