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We’re often asked how The Entertainer™, our successful touch screen entertainment system for venues, brings business benefits. Here are answers to a few of the main questions we get asked.

What are the business benefits for the licensees looking to increase footfall and profits?
The Entertainer™ is the UK’s No.1 touch screen entertainment system. It’s a powerful and effective business tool that provides you with an endless flow of fun, events, and great entertainment for your customers. Because it’s a simple-to-use touch screen, providing instant access to a huge variety of features, it allows you to take total control of entertainment rather than paying third parties to provide music, entertainment, discos, quiz nights, casino nights, etc. It’s also suitable for entertainment for wedding parties and fund raisers. Licensees and leisure venue operators not only achieve considerable improvements in footfall but also benefit from the advertising revenue the system can generate.

What can the system offer a venue?
The Entertainer™ is crammed with music, videos, karaoke, bingo, racing, games, adverts, and many more features. Because it’s so versatile it meets the need for a huge variety of events.

For many licensees, the best features include –
Individual or group tastes and themes can easily be accommodated – if someone wants a 50th birthday party, with specific tunes from a specific era, then you simply program them in and then let the machine do the work; the same goes for an 18th, a Christening party, or whatever the occasion maybe.
The karaoke feature has all the up to date songs, keeping everyone happy, no matter what the range of ages and tastes.
The Entertainer™ now features an all new, user friendly interface and split room ‘zoning’ capabilities supplied as standard. This feature means that two events can run concurrently, perhaps music in one room and a quiz in another, or background music in one and karaoke in another.

Advertising templates provide the ability to create still or video animated adverts in a few minutes, promoting food and drink, forthcoming events and parties, or third party suppliers such as taxi firms, thereby creating additional income.

The Entertainer™ is supplied with a free starter pack, with stationery, tickets, and pads for the complete entertainment experience. Each pack includes: a free pack of Game 5 disco bingo tickets; one 6-to-view bingo pads; three strips of bingo flyers, ’12 games per strip’; two Bingo dabbers; one cloakroom pad; and three Karaoke request pads.

What is the Pulse jukebox – how does it work?

Venue managers don’t have to share revenue with anyone. It operates in conjunction with The Entertainer™ touch screen entertainment system – it’s the juke box that pays for itself.

The coin-operated Pulse can be added to an existing Entertainer™ system and you get to keep the cashbox takings.

The Pulse features 20,000 tracks from Mediatheme’s extensive audio library. It’s simple-to-operate design and manufacture gives operators 100 percent control of the cashbox.

The Pulse provides a truly comprehensive music and entertainment set-up that’s a great benefit to any leisure operation.

We’re constantly looking at ways we can provide revenue boosting features for customers so the system now delivers even more than before, not just in fun and music, but in features such as being able to include advertising and split room zoning on The Entertainer™.

Mediatheme provides an update service each month, ensuring each system is kept up to date with the very latest chart music releases and customer requested songs, as well as the latest video hits, new and classic karaoke tracks, and new quiz questions.